In case Use The Term Milf?

When you hear the word milf think it is a compliment or a term of endearment? Are you some of those women who think the word is actually a tribite? But many other women of all ages including myself think the word is actually offensive. When guys use this term to refer to be able to and describe a mama it is an insult. You have to wonder why women allow guys to use this insult readily. If women themselves which are affected by the degrading character of this term them must men? It is an assault using one of the most scared of roles that is certainly motherhood.

Most women due to socialization and their role on modern society are afraid to stand up to in addition to queston men. Though girls can stand up to men and I encourage them to do so. If some man calls you a milf just dont laugh the item off and take it. Resist the person and tell them directly and forcefully that you don’t that adheres to that world, find it offensive and also derogitory especially when it is employed to you as a mother. In the event women can stand up to guys when they use this word males will keep on using it and also walking all over them.

Ladies have to make, keep and maintain boundaries otherwise men can just disrespect them like men have throughout human history. You need to to think s that just about any man who uses a term like that is not the type of man yhou want to be with in primaly anyways. You dont wish to build a life with somebody who degrades being a mom.

As all women know like a mother is a hard fully committed job so why do you want to make the life more difficult by being using such an ignornant person? You deserve better than that. Real adult men don’t use words like this. They respect women and motherhood and still have that respect in terms and actons. Being a mother is an amazing thing. Never associate ths beauty using this type of horrible word.

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